Illinois Grigsby Farm Hunt

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The Grigsby tradition. 
Family farming since 1940

The Grigsby farm is one of the largest continuous tracts of land in the state of Illinois that is privately owned. Because the farm is so big and all in one tract it allows the farm to be managed at a level that very few properties in the Midwest are able to be managed. The farm is basically one giant food plot, being the Grigsby family are a giant producer of corn, soybeans, wheat and not to mention their cover crop practices keeping something growing in the fields basically year round. This gives these deer an incredible year round food source. The farm also has more than 60 food plots that are strategically placed all over the farm. A mature buck on the Grigsby farm can easily push 300 pounds live weight and because the farm has so much control on such a large tract of land we can ensure our bucks get to be mature. In our opinion the Grigsby farm could be the best whitetail property in the country!

The Grigsby family follows previous generations in applying Christian principles to grow and economically viable agricultural business using innovations in technology and management practices.  We are committed to the continual development of a fundamental sustainable and environmental sound production agricultural model.

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